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I engaged Sherren at a pivotal moment in my career. I was trying to to progress career wise, whilst juggling a young child and the balancing act which ensures.

Then I was offered the most amazing job! Yet I knew I needed to leave the old, compartmentalise, and work through all my professional behaviours which I personally classed as ‘baggage’.

Sherren was amazing!! She gave me coaching, but also the professional mindset and tools needed to challenge myself during this period of change and growth. I learnt to visualise what I needed to work through, and what I consider my weaknesses; which was humbling.

I am now armed with thinking, tools, and techniques on various levels.

I continually seek Sherren as my mentor, to work on my personal and professional growth, and would highly recommend her!!

Developing your workforce

People are an organisation’s most valuable asset – an investment
in people is an investment in an organisation’s future.

Sherren Edkins Consulting can unlock the immense potential of your people, working with leadership teams and employees to set clear goals for growth and striding boldly towards them.

Heavily invested in empowering others to reach their true potential, Sherren has been referred to as an inspirational leader, thought provoker and game changer in workplace culture. An expert in developing leaders and their teams.

Sherren brings expertise with experience along with passion to develop an organisation through their people.

Together Sherren will work with you to develop a leadership and workforce development program unique to your aims, challenges and opportunities, such as:

Unlock the potential of your people…

Leadership and workforce development coaching unlocks immense benefits for businesses of every size.

Which of these benefits are relevant to your long-term aims?

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If you believe we would be a great match, fill in the form below and let’s have a chat about empowering and inspiring your leaders and teams:

Coaching & Mentoring

‘Emotionally Intelligent Leaders reach their full potential by inspiring others to reach theirs’.

Inspire your team and lead them to achieve powerful teamwork and collaboration.

Manage your stress, reduce conflict and enhance your interactions with others.

Inspired leaders understand the true power of self – consistently seeking new perspectives on how to improve their capacity to lead through refocus, revitalization and personal development.

As the workplace environment experiences constant change, greater expectations, and pressure to deliver, technical ability is no longer the core skills for organisations and leaders. 

Those forever skills of emotional intelligence are becoming more and more apparent as a priority skill now and for the future.  Add value to your leadership practice by developing your emotional intelligence

Lead yourself by understanding your emotions, your triggers, your reactions and how they impact your leadership practice. This foundation is a catalyst to how you develop respectful relationships with others, lead and inspire your team.

Are you a current or aspiring leader committed to your team’s success? 

Consider your personal coaching as an investment in their long-term potential to succeed.

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To begin with I was somewhat skeptical, however my experience with Sherren has been nothing short of metamorphic...

Since working with Sherren my life has completely changed and is on a path I never dreamed possible. She is a truly remarkable coach with transformative techniques to get the best out of her clients.

Her approach ensured the process was always focused on my goals, working respectfully within my values, while pushing me out of my comfort zone. I credit her with giving me the nudge I needed to start my own business, which has been a
long-held dream. Thank you Sherren.

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Online Training

Sherren provides both free and specialised online
programs for purchase for individuals and groups.

Access professionally developed programs, created using expert experience and supported by proven practices to support leaders and teams to reach their potential.

In the current workplace there is constant change, the need to be agile and adaptable and the need for continuous improvement.

Having specialised and tailored programs on-hand to work through at your own pace, or with a like-minded group of individuals, is the new professional development space for leaders and teams.

Steps to Master Your Mind Body Link

Discover how your mind body link is a catalyst for leadership success

Nourish Yourself to Success

Lead self to lead others through your own values-based leadership practice

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