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What they say...

Sherren has the innate ability to read an environment, a situation and a personality with clarity and accuracy. In my time working with Sherren in a complex environment, her insightful nature and skills aided in strengthening our Department's position with both internal and external stakeholders .

On a personal note, Sherren gets you to look inside yourself, challenge yourself and focuses you on being the best person you can be.

For that I can't recommend her highly enough!
Dean Deighton
I engaged Sherren at a pivotal moment in my career. I was trying to to progress career wise, whilst juggling a young child and the balancing act which ensures. Then I was offered the most amazing job! Yet I knew I needed to leave the old, compartmentalise, and work through all my professional behaviours which I personally classed as ‘baggage’. Sherren was amazing!! She gave me coaching, but also the professional mindset and tools needed to challenge myself during this period of change and growth. I learnt to visualise what I needed to work through, and what I consider my weaknesses; which was humbling. I am now armed with thinking, tools, and techniques on various levels. I continually seek Sherren as my mentor, to work on my personal and professional growth, and would highly recommend her!!