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A relationship in credit


keep your balance in credit

Relationships are built on many things;

  • Trust
  • Rapport
  • Understanding
  • Connection

I could go on.


Relationships are maintained through integrity, trust…………by keeping your balance in credit.


Being a leader of team in an organisation you are employed to do a job, you have a role to play, you have KPIs to meet which ultimately link to the organisation’s success, bottom line. So when thinking of your relationships as a leader they too have a level of business nous about them, they too need to turn a profit. They too need to remain in credit for the relationship to continue, to be nourished, to succeed.


Without credit you are trying to build a relationship on false foundations, you are already in debt and this places a different lens on the relationship to one that is in credit.


So how do you establish and maintain a relationship that is in credit?


Work with others in a way that will see your balance remain in credit.


That could be:

  • Get curious to understand others, their needs and expectations;
  • Establish your own expectations of self and others and communicate them;
  • Strategies to wrangle your emotions and have strong and meaningful state management;
  • Deliver on your commitments;
  • Listen and be truly present – nothing worse than having someone check their phone every 5 seconds;
  • Acknowledge your errors and own your actions.


Leadership is about relationships, it is about owning your own actions, attitudes and outcomes. Own your share of your relationships and manage them like a business, keep them in credit.


A classic line from a classic movie – ‘…your ego is writing cheque’s your body can’t cash…’ (Top Gun). Maverick is trying to be the best of the best yet is losing credit from his interactions rather than working for the win/win and achieving credit, which ultimately elevates you to a level of success.


Don’t get me wrong, I love that movie for so many reasons (and no it’s not because of Tom cruise) one being, through challenges you find your best self – Lead self to lead others.


So in building your leadership career, leading your team with confidence, start with strong relationships that are in credit, after all leadership is all about relationships, with the most important one being with yourself.

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