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Characteristics of a Delta Team



High functioning, connected and engaged

Teams are the life blood of organisational success. Made up of many individuals, the interactions between team members has a significant bearing on the success of the team, and of cause the organisation. 

Team members assume roles as part of the greater whole, those roles have tasks that are interdependent to the relationships around them. So what happens when the team is not working like a well-oiled machine? 

Imagine this – Team A

  • People do not acknowledge each other when they walk in and say good morning, or goodbye at the end of the day
  • Meetings or conversations are more focused on the pings that their phones generate than what is being said by others
  • There is a clear operation of silos, limited understanding across teams/disciplines and therefore disconnect in action
  • Gossip and drama are regular in conversation
  • Support for each other is less likely if it means change
  • People don’t speak up because they believe it’s a waste of time.

Their performance is challenged, relationships are strained and their ability to adapt is lacking.

When we look at the current and future work environments building trusting and respectful relationships is critical. Not just to get work done but to truly understand the purpose behind the work and who/how/where to get things done. 

What happens in teams that are working interdependently, that are engaging with the colleagues and performing?

Imagine this – Delta team

  • You say hello or goodbye and others respond.
  • They listen to each other – when you speak others listen, and they get curious to understand what you are saying. Collaboration is strong.
  • They care about each other; they are socially and emotionally aware of what is happening and how they can assist.
  • There is no place for drama – gossip and drama are ‘no go’ zone. Conversation is constructive and focused.
  • Team members value and respect each other, which shows in the way they interact.
  • Learning is a consistent process, with reflection and discussion about how it has worked/not worked with a focus of continuous improvement.
  • Feedback is fundamental to the team function and its reciprocal and respected.

Delta Team is productive, powerful and engaged. Committed to a shared vision, members of a Delta Team contribute the best of what they have to offer, every day, for the benefit of all.  

They are a well-oiled machine!

Research shows that emotional intelligence is at the centre of successful team operations. Studies have found that teams with greater emotional intelligence are high functioning………they also have greater ability to adapt, and understand each other’s emotional expressions and link that to performance. Team members have a sense of belonging and therefore a sense of motivation to contribute. 

Where is your team? 

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