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A daily practice for leadership success


Reflection – learn and let go!

It’s the end of the working day. It has been a busy, productive and challenging day all in one. All you want to do it leave the office and get home or if you are like me get changed and tackle a physical exercise challenge to let go of the day’s events.
The emotions and thoughts that you have experienced throughout the day have taken their toll of you. You are feeling drained, tired, like that bar of chocolate it the fridge is going to be your best friend, like a shower would help wash away the day that has been.
The day that ‘has been’……………This is your point to ‘Learn and let go’.
The day has occurred, it’s now in the past, however there is so much that you could learn from such days and let go. No dragging this with you into future days.
Reflect on the day that was with your own reflective practice. It could be going out and exercising, running the events of the day through your mind, and reflecting on the situation more clearly than when the event occurred. It could be debriefing with your significant other at home. It could be a ‘Reflection Journal’.
A reflective practice has so many benefits, including enabling you to let go of the day and enjoy those many other important elements in life. It supports you with your values-based leadership practice, understanding your values and ensuring they are being met, if not what are you doing to nourish yourself to success.
Such a practice is a way of reflecting on the events of the day, how you reacted, how others reacted, then step out of your shoes into an observer position and ask yourself.
  • What worked well?
  • What improvements can I make?
  • What have I learnt from this?
  • What do I wish to take forward with me into tomorrow and the future
  • What do I forgive myself for and let go here and now?
By using a ‘Reflection Journal’ you get to capture your day in words, reflect on those words – how do they resonate with you now? – and then write out your goals/tasks to support you to make the changes that you wish make as well as highlight your learnings.
Reflection is not just an image in a mirror or a pond of water, it is a practice to grow and nourish yourself to success. It is a way to learn and let go!

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