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Create lasting habits


Practice, practice, practice

You set yourself a new year resolution, to exercise more, move more. You use to do it all the time and it was a great way for you to reflect and let go of what was weighing heavy on your mind. You had a daily practice that supported your health, wellbeing as well as clarity of thought and action in your leadership role.


Currently you are not exercising much, your habit of daily exercise has not been occurring for a while, you are feeling sluggish, your mind is foggy, your stress levels are a little high and your resilience is not as springy as it use to be.


My first two questions to you would be:

1. When did you stop moving? and

2. What was happening at that time for you?


When you ‘use to’ do something routinely, it was a well formed habit. There has to be a defining moment that generated the change for you to the habit.

Was it a change in job, work hours, health or something else?


Getting clear on what may have been the trigger is a great starting point for you to understand how to recreate this habit, and swish away the habit you no longer want.


Habits are defined by you. You teach yourself to have them so you can teach yourself to change them, creating the habit you want.


Habits play a critical role in your leadership success, whether it is a habit of being organised, punctual, setting boundaries, healthy eating to fuel the mind and body or exercise to help with stress management, each habit has an intrinsic value to you and your leadership practice. Knowing this will help you create the habits that you want and need.


To get clear on your desired state, the habit that you want to create, you to need to understand what is behind the habit you use to have and where you are now.


What does it look like for you when in full swing?


How will the habit benefit you?


How will you enact your new habit?


Make the commitment, set the intention and take action. Whenever you are developing a new skills, new habit, the magic is in the action.


Practice, practice, practice.


Habits can become unconscious actions, become part of you and your daily activities.


Now that you have clarity on your habit, what it looks like in action and what it gives you – put it into action.

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