Transform Relationships with this one thing

Transform your Relationships

With this ONE thing…

Once you learn this one thing, watch as all relationships in work and home life flourish.

I am sure that you have had conversations where you have walked away feeling like the other person showed no interest in what you were saying, appeared to be ‘elsewhere’, or just didn’t seem to want to understand. I am also sure that you have have been in conversations where someone has felt the same about you.

For relationships to flourish, whether they are personal or professional, each person’s connection to the conversation needs to build trust, a sense of connection, each party needs to feel as though they are being listened to, understood, there needs to be RAPPORT. Without rapport there is resistance to communication.

The most important person to build rapport with is yourself. Being out of rapport with yourself is like being a fish out of water; you are not in alignment and therefore not trusting yourself to achieve things. Build rapport with yourself first and see your relationships flourish.

Increasing your own self rapport enables you to engage more confidently with your team and others and build rapport with them. We generate a great sense of curiosity and compassion and we are more resilient. If you operate with fear, you lead with fear. If you operate with confidence, you lead with confidence.

Rapport provides each person with the sense of TRUST, COMFORT, and UNDERSTANDING. When you have rapport with someone you have the ability to:

  • Effectively communicate with them;
  • Achieve strong outcomes;
  • Lead with positivity; and
  • Foster a strong and long lasting relationship.

How to build rapport with yourself and others:

  • Be in tune with your emotions and behaviours, be Emotionally Intelligent;
  • Build confidence and personal power. Know your personal boundaries, self care and be confident to uphold those when they are being tested.
  • Truly be present in that moment. Being distracted blocks the ability to build rapport, so remove the blocks and be present in the moment.
  • Actively listen to the other person and use their words when you respond – This is not paraphrasing, it is ‘parrot’ phrasing. By doing this you are truly showing them you are present and listening to what they have to say, and not putting your view of the world on their words.
  • Match and/or mirror movements the other person does, subtly. Again it shows you are present and really paying attention to them;
  • Eye contact – our eyes are not only vision tool that are a communication tools and when you engage in conversation with someone, your eyes play a key role. Eye contact displays respect and shows you are listening.

Achieve SELF RAPPORT to achieve RAPPORT with others.

Work with me to become the best version of yourself, build rapport with yourself and others and watch your relationships flourish.

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