Feeling overwhelmed? You need to try this…

Feeling overwhelmed?

You need to try this…

Let me guess, your mind is going 10 thousand miles an hour trying to make sense of all the things that are running around up there. Where do you start so you can breath easy and feel like you have some sense of control and release of stress?

When our mind is ‘full’ there is no more room for creative thinking, for thinking clearly and being able to reframe our negative thoughts to positive and resourceful thoughts. Our thinking mind is only 10% of our overall mind, yet it is the one that we use more often than not, then wonder why we get the big mind clutter.

Mind clutter is usually made up of actions, those good old ‘To Do’ items that you just haven’t got to, or keep avoiding (I know, the I’ll do it later scenario); and thoughts both positive and negative which can turn into the worry, anxiety and of course ‘clutter’.

It’s time to give you mind a rest and clear the clutter!

Experience the Nourish Yourself to Success way of clearing the mind clutter. One whole session at my foundation workshop focuses on clearing the mind clutter, the benefits and the multiple strategies you can use, so you can pick the one that works for you.

Watch my video ‘Clear the Mind Clutter’ (a little sneak peak of what to expect at the workshop) and experience the clarity of thought to propel you forward for success. A simple 5 step strategy to getting the clutter out of your mind, on to paper and then mapped out into meaningful and timely actions. A great way to not only clear the mind clutter but generate momentum of action and achievement.

Click play on the video and let me teach you how.

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