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Courage to grow

Focus to succeed
Inspire to lead

People are an organisation’s most valuable asset – an investment in people is an investment in an organisation’s future.

Sherren Edkins Consulting can unlock the immense potential of your people, working with leadership teams and employees to set clear goals for growth and striding boldly towards them.

Heavily invested in empowering others to reach their true potential, Sherren has been referred to as an inspirational leader, thought provoker and game changer in workplace culture. An expert in developing leaders and their teams.

Sherren brings expertise with experience along with passion to develop an organisation through their people.

Together Sherren will work with you to develop a leadership and workforce development program unique to your aims, challenges and opportunities, such as:

To begin with I was somewhat skeptical, however my experience with Sherren has been nothing short of metamorphic...

Since working with Sherren my life has completely changed and is on a path I never dreamed possible. She is a truly remarkable coach with transformative techniques to get the best out of her clients.

Her approach ensured the process was always focused on my goals, working respectfully within my values, while pushing me out of my comfort zone. I credit her with giving me the nudge I needed to start my own business, which has been a
long-held dream. Thank you Sherren.

Leadership can be very rewarding, it can also be a journey that feels quite lonely and when the external environment is challenging your inner being, this flows into personal interactions, team dynamics and organisational culture.

The forever skills of social and emotional intelligence are here to stay.

Leadership and workforce development coaching unlocks immense benefits for businesses of every size, including:

By investing in your people you create a strong, cohesive and resilient workplace that is confident to be adaptable and change.

By investing in your people you create a strong, cohesive and resilient workplace that is confident to be adaptable and change.

Work with Sherren

After many years in a constant work cycle, I decided to take some time off to look around and think hard about my next move. In this time I was very fortunate to find and attend Sherren's transformative workshop, 'Nourish Yourself to Success'.

From Sherren's calm, positive manner, to the powerful course content, the enlightened company of fellow participants, the cosy, charming venue and the delicious, nourishing food provided, everything about the program was uplifting and empowering.

I can highly recommend 'Nourish Yourself to Success' as an opportunity to take time out under Sherren's expert guidance to reflect, reassess and move forward with your life.

From the valuable strategies, tools and insights I acquired, I am now implementing an exciting new direction in my life.

If you believe we would be a great match, let’s have a chat about empowering and inspiring your leaders.

Start Learning how to SKY ROCKET your SUCCESS and BE a powerful manager today!